Frequently Asked Questions

For most people having to make an insurance claim and have their pride and joy car repaired is very rare. When it does happen you need some help and guidance. Below are a few of the common questions that we are asked:

QuestionCan you put my car back to the condition that it was before it was damaged?
With modern equipment and materials most damage can be repaired to the extent that only the expert could detect it.
QuestionMy insurance company says that I must use their repairer. Is that true?
No it is not. The Insurance Ombudsman and the Office of Fair Trading both say that you have a free choice of repairer. If you have an accident which is not your fault then contact Selsia Vehicle Accident Centres (we are a member) for assistance and guidance.
QuestionMy car has a bodywork warranty from the manufacturers. How does this affect it?
We use manufacturer's parts and approved methods and materials it should not be affected. However where it is we warranty our work for the longer of two years or the remainder of the warranty.
QuestionI have seen some poor colour matches on other cars. How do you match the paint?
We use the latest of electronic paint matching and mixing systems. With that and sophisticated blending techniques we always get a satisfactory result.
QuestionWhat are you doing to help the environment?
We comply to the latest regulations on disposal of VOCs and use the latest of water based paints. Vehicle manufacturers also use these types of paints.